Monday, January 24, 2011

"Pasteboard Demons" Back in Print for the First Time

Just now digging out from beneath the book-building foundations of Forgotten Horrors Vol. 5: The Atom Age. A long and mostly lonesome process. And pending receipt of proofmarks from co-authors John Wooley and Jan Alan Henderson, it's all wrapped but for the indexing process. Can't have a movie-history book without an index.

This one will pick up where Forgotten Horrors 4 leaves off, covering 1949-1954 in terms of horror and science-fiction movies from the American independent studios. A fascinating period for horror and S-F films (plus selected crime dramas and some out-and-out oddities), especially in their reflections of the political and social turmoil of the 1950s. Forgotten Horrors Vol. 5 should make its splash at Amazon-dot-com within the month. A sixth volume is in preparation -- drawing from John Wooley's and my long-running monthly column in Fangoria magazine.

Many distractions, otherwise. Meanwhile, I've finished a true-crime anthology called Pasteboard Demons, compiled from the Bloody Visions trading-card sets that provoked such a ruckus upon their original publication 19 years ago. They're all here, reproduced from the original artwork, with quite a few outtakes and bonus tracks (including a batch of my crime-comics stories from such magazines as Heavy Metal and Taboo). All on view at, a.k.a.

Or as Amazon's pitch tells it: "The crime-card controversy of the 1990s comes rampaging back to life in Michael H. Price's anthology of his notorious Bloody Visions trading-card folios -- all together in a single whopping volume, larger by far than the original pieces. Rare bonus-card images round out the set, with an additional selection of Price's true-crime comics stories ... Veteran journalist and courtroom sketch artist Michael H. Price combines these backgrounds in Pasteboard Demons -- an expanded survey of the author's popular and controversial Bloody Visions trading-card sets of 1992-1995. Reproduced from the original artwork, with curatorial notes and a new commentary on the petty ruckus that greeted the original set's arrival in 1992. Price is the author of the long-running Forgotten Horrors series of movie-history books, and the writer-artist responsible for the Rondo Award-nominated Carnival of Souls graphic novel."

And more presently about Forgotten Horrors Vol. 5 and some other new projects.

-- MHP

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