Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Forgotten Horrors to the Nth Degree

SNEAK PREVIEW: Here reposes the cover painting for our forthcoming Forgotten Horrors to the Nth Degree, collecting John Wooley's and my horror-movies columns from Fangoria magazine (since 2002) and combining those with assorted other rarities from our respective and collaborative projects over the long haul. The components add up to a survey of the often peculiar tangents the genre has taken since the 1960s -- starting with Blood Feast and 2K Maniacs and winding up with the Big Paradigm Shift of the 1980s, when the major studios finally usurped the role of the Poverty Row production companies and the video shakeout left the Old School Grindhouses in the lurch. Afterword by Stephen Bissette. Nice woik if yuh can get (away with) it...

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